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Personal Trainers

Michelle A. Csismatia


Women Of All Ages

 "My goal is to infiltrate the industry through all media to spread the knowledge of health, enabling people of all ages to be at their peak performance mentally, physically and emotionally." 


Certified Through NPTI

Certified Through NSCA

Certified Nutrition Specialist Through AASDN

Bill Rumple


Sport Specific Training

 Bill believes that personal training programs are more than just one-on-one sessions, that they are physical, emotional, and psychological experiences where you continually work to better yourself and push past barriers you never thought imaginable. Bill Helps young athletes and motivated souls of all ages.


Certified Through ISSA CFT

Certified Through ISSA SSC

Paul Owens


All Around/Corrective Exercise Specialist

 Paul has helped individuals maintain independence and continue to perform activities for daily living through functional fitness, range of motion work, and balance training. He has also helped serious auto accident survivors return to normal daily life and the physical demands that it entails. 


Certified Through NSCA

Certified Through NCSF

Certified Through NASM

Diane Salettel


Neurological Approach

No other body has experienced what your body has experienced, and no brain responds like yours, you are uniquely-YOU. Having abroad understanding of Neurology gives me an advantage of being more effective when creating change in a client's well-being and athletic performance.





FMS CFT (functional movement)