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Frequently asked questions

Thank You for Joining

Welcome to Dynamic Fitness Solutions

We appreciate your decision in joining DFS! Please let us help you Succeed with your goals.  We understand the challenges people face when deciding to start a New Fitness Program.  The Majority of New Gym Members have questions about how to properly exercise, for others members simply finding the time to workout can be an obstacle.  At DFS, we understand these questions and challenges and will dedicate all our resources to help you on your Fitness Journey and to Reach Your Goals!  Dynamic Fitness Solutions is more than just a "Gym" We're "Your Gym"! At DFS , you will have a great time working out with friends while getting in the best shape of your Life.


Club Rules and Safety

Dynamic Fitness Solutions

Both Members and guests are required to abide by the following rules and safety guidelines at all times within the facility. To assure the most enjoyable experience for both yourself and other members.  Please be respectful of the equipment, your surroundings, and other members.  

  • All Members are Required to scan their issued key card at the front door access reader.
  • Silver Sneaker Members are required to scan in or log every visit at the Front Desk.
  • Members should be courteous to others when using the equipment.
  • Members are to wear proper workout attire. 
  • Please wipe your feet before entering the facility, No Street Shoes.
  • Wipe down equipment when finished. Wipe down all equipment with provided sanitizer spray and towels.
  • Rack all plates and dumbbells when finished.
  • Please use equipment properly. If you are unsure how to operate any of the equipment, please ask for assistance.
  • No running or horseplay in the facility.
  • Members must provide updated and valid billing information in a timely manner.  
  • All Members must register their guest at the front desk and fill out a guest waiver and pay the guest fee.

Thank You! 

Dynamic Fitness Solutions